A Transformers reissue wish list

It seems that Hasbro are getting back into “G1” reissues yet again and have begun releasing a new range of old Transformers. (Starting with Hot Rod with Starscream, Devastator, Bumblebee, Swerve, Outback, and Tailgate on their way soon.) I love reissues; and always have, since the first reissue “Classics” range of 1990. Reissues are a chance to experience a long-gone toy for the first time or to re-visit one in a brand new, untouched (and sometimes un-stickered) form.

Both Takara and Hasbro have released reissue lines over the years and, to me, there’s always been a certain excitement to see which old Transformers they’ve chosen to re-release; all depending on mould quality/availability and character popularity of course.

Even though I am retired from properly collecting Transformers, there are still a few* I would love to see reissued and would happily own (re-own) again. My choices of potential new reissues are entirely my own and purely selfish and purely personal. There are some that I’ve never owned and some I have, but the main reasons would be to have brand new, mint-with-all-accessories versions of favourite toys and characters from my childhood.

(* Probably over a hundred, once I’ve made the list!)

It goes without saying that I would love to re-own brand new versions of my original childhood Transformers collection. I played with them so much and so long ago that they are long gone.

Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Snarl, 5 x Aerialbots/Superion, Bumblebee, Beachcomber, Powerglide, Seaspray, Tailgate, Pipes, Outback, Galvatron, 5 x Stunticons/Menasor, 5 x Combaticons/Bruticus, Runamuck. 


Extending that original collection, considering how much I love the Special Teams combiners, Dinobots, and Minibots: 5 x Protectobots/Defensor, Brawn, Cliffjumper, Windcharger, Huffer, Gears, Warpath, Cosmos, Hubcap, Wheelie, Grimlock, Sludge, Swoop, Slag. Some of my favourite original Autobot cars, as well: Ratchet, Smokescreen, and Tracks. Also: Jetfire.

And others from 1984-1986, mainly Decepticons because I’ve always loved the idea of Soundwave and his cassettes, and the original two Triple-Changers: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat, Astrotrain, Blitzwing. Also: 6 x Constructicons/Devastator.

Wish List_1369.jpg

Wish List_1368

From Transformers – The Movie, or more accurately the Marvel UK tie-in stories such as “Target: 2006” and all the post-Movie stories: Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, Cyclonus, Scourge. Oh, and Rodimus Prime.

The two city play sets: Metroplex and Trypticon.

While I did own a fair amount of Transformers from 1987 until the end of “Generation 1” in 1993, I am not sure if all that many of them would suit my tastes these days.

Saying that, because Special Teams: 5 x Technobots/Computron, 5 x Terrorcons/Abominus, 6 x Seacons/Piranacon. And, because I love the Powermasters: Darkwing, Dreadwind, Powermaster Optimus Prime. Also, more Cassettes: Slugfest, Overkill. While I do love the Pretenders, I find that gimmick to be incredibly repetitive with so many being released in 1988-88, so I’d just stick with Landmine and Bomb-Burst, the first two I got back then. To tie in with my love of the Masterforce series, the above Powermasters (in their Masterforce colours!), Seacons, and Pretenders would fit nicely. Therefore, also: Browning.

Wish List_1367.jpg

Wish List_1366.jpg

Wish List_1371

And, because they were pretty cool sidekicks of Ultra Magnus in the Marvel UK comics: Fizzle, Sizzle, and Guzzle.

The Micromasters were another subline I loved (but also find a bit repetitive) at the time in 1989-90. They were so collectable, too! The first few patrols harkened back to the original themes of Transformers; Decepticon jets and Autobot cars. And, also, the likes of the Battle and Rescue Patrols, in their themed teams reminded me so much of the Combaticons and Protectobots. So: Race Car Patrol, Air Strike Patrol, Off Road Patrol, Rescue Patrol, Battle Patrol, and Sports Car Patrol.

Wish List_1373.jpg

Reader, themed Transformers teams are my kink and I am not ashamed of that fact.

As a special bonus, the two Patrols that were released in Japan in new colours. I did have the Battle Patrol in their blue/grey scheme and the Autobot version of the Sports Car Patrol were always something of a grail of mine. So: Battle Patrol Team and Super Car Patrol Team.

Post-1990, I would love to see the likes of Overlord and the 3 x Motorvators be reissued. And also the 6 x Turbomasters and 6 x Predators. I owned most of these at the time and even now, consider some of them to be the best “G1” Transformers toys ever made. (And I include the neon pink/green plastic to be of utmost importance in that appraisal!) Overlord, especially, is a Transformers toy I think that everyone deserves to own!

Wish List_1370.jpg

So there you have it, I would like to see just a mere 120 “Generation 1” Transformers reissued! That’s not asking for much, is it! The thing to bear in mind is that, just as my collection is unique to me, so is this wish list. Anyone’s would be! Please leave a blog comment if you’d like to share which Transformers you would personally like to see reissued.

You might flippantly think, “well, just let’s have them all reissued again!” But, for ten years from about 1995-2005 that was the goal of my collecting activities… to own all the (G1) Transformers. But in the end I found that to be a hollow and less than fulfilling endeavour.

In compiling this list I have also inadvertently created a kind of “ideal” Transformers collection, uniquely curated to my own tastes. In fact, looking through this wish list, it works perfectly for me.

After all these years of collecting Transformers and having, at some point, owned most of the “Generation 1” toys and then cleared the slate almost completely I’ve been in a position to think about which toys/characters have meant the most to me over the last 35 years. That’s what this “wish list” has reduced down to.

In any case, bring on the reissues!

May your luster never dull, and your wires never cross!

–Graham (@grhmthmsn)

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