New arrivals – June 2018

The last time I bought a vintage Transformers toy was back in January 2014 on a trip to Los Angeles. It was a completely random find after coming across a comic book/collector’s store called Phat Collectibles in Anaheim. The toy in question was a MOSC Generation 2 Swindle.

It was the first time in recent memory that I’d found a vintage Transformer in an actual shop. In fact, the one time before that was in 2004 in Toy Tokyo in New York and before that was in 1998 in Global Collectibles in Bristol.

The phenomenon of finding a vintage toy in an actual shop is quite the rare occurrence to say the least!

In recent years I had been pre-ordering new Transformers, like Masterpiece and so on, on auto-pilot, and eventually grew to miss the thrill of the chase of physically tracking them down and buying them in shops. It became one of several reasons that lead me to selling off almost the entirety of my collection in 2016.

In June this year I met up with two good friends and fellow Transformers collectors: Rich, (Xortrider on Twitter) who has a YouTube channel where he reviews all sorts of Transformers (which you can visit here!) and James (Soundwave1980 on Twitter), who is a skilled cosplayer who I believe will be cosplaying as Cosmos at this year’s TFNation convention.

We decided to head to Leicester as we’d heard of a vintage toy shop in the city centre and thought it might be worth a visit! Reader, it was worth the visit!


Stepping into that vintage toy shop was like walking into one of my own dreams. Someone had carefully arranged my childhood on glass shelves behind a glass door and then gave me the key.

I stood there and breathed it all in. I was struck by so much concentrated nostalgia that I could actually feel my throat drying up. I’d heard of this shop before, but wasn’t at all prepared for what it actually had to offer.

Put it this way: I’d never felt closer to Primus.

I was spoiled for choice and, though I hadn’t planned on buying anything, I felt the irresistible pull of Transformers nostalgia and quickly picked out three MOSC (mint on sealed card) toys that seemed to call to me from behind the glass.

The three Transformers I bought were:

  1. Transformers Bumblebee (Chinese 1990s Release)
  2. Transformers Classics Goldbug
  3. Transformers Classics Fireflight

These are all three Transformers that I’d owned and loved as a child, but that have long since gone. Bumblebee, especially, was one I happily welcomed into my possession again after so many years. (See: A bug’s new life.)

I was ecstatic to have these three toys MOSC and brand new for me to rediscover all over again.


I can’t express what a thrill it was to find vintage Transformers in an actual shop. It took me right back to my halcyon childhood days. I know it wasn’t a “real” toy shop in the proper sense of the word, but the warm feelings the experience brought about were an excellent replication!

Since retiring from “properly” Transformers collecting two years ago I now have a new appreciation and love for my very small and very unique and very random collection. Finding Goldbug, Fireflight, and Bumblebee by pure act of chance and circumstance has added to the spirit of how I enjoy Transformers now; wonderful and unplanned moments of joy and serendipity.

May your luster never dull, and your wires never cross!

–Graham (@grhmthmsn)

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