New arrivals, July 2019

July was off to a fantastic start with three new Transformers toys arriving from eBay on the same day. Oh, and a Greek Overload satchel (more on that another time).

Transformers Generation 2 Gobot Double Clutch

Long story short: I had my eye on an Overlord satchel for the last few months from a Greek seller on eBay. It looked so gaudy that I thought it would be fun to take along to next month’s TFNation convention. The same seller had Double Clutch (and Skram, see below) so when I hit the Buy It Now button on the bag, I added the two Transformers toys too!

Double Clutch was originally released back in 1995 as part of Hasbro’s final year of its Generation 2 line. Oddly, in the US the “Generation 2” subtitle was dropped but here in Europe it remained. (Remained.) ((In Europe.))

Back in the spring of ’95 I bought all 6 Gobots from Argos, one every Saturday. That year, I was determined to get all of the 1995 range as I had not long started my own printed fanzine and figured that a “Christmas Special” edition with the entire lot would make for a fun project. This was about the time I started on the path of being a “completist” collector by the time Beast Wars and Beast Machines were on toy shop shelves.

Double Clutch, like the rest of the G2 Gobots, is a neat little realistic looking race car with single axle wheels. I loved the Gobots back then and I love them now. They’re highly collectible too and don’t really cost too much these days so finding them still sealed isn’t too tricky. Unless you want Megatron or Optimus Prime. Or any of the unreleased moulds.

Transformers Axelerator Skram

Skram is another wonderful little Autobot that I had back in the 1990s. Skram and the rest of the Axelerators* were released in 1993 as part of the second year of Hasbro Europe’s “Turbomaster/Predator” line. They were also released in North American as part of Hasbro’s Generation 2 line (with dark grey clear plastic instead of the far superior pink and not called “Axelerators” but, imaginatively, “Small Cars”). They were then re-released in Europe in 1994 as Generation 2. Confusing, right?

I loved the Turbomaster cars in 1992 and this new sub-group, reminding me more of the original Mini-Autobots because of their smaller size, were a big hit with my younger self too. Skram was the first one I picked up and the combination of his smart vehicle mode, colour scheme and mini-Turbomaster gimmick of the engine becoming the gun made him an instant favourite.

The 1992/1993 Transformers are trickier to find these days, especially sealed, but if you search through sellers based in continental Europe you can often strike gold. And often gold plastic, as I have done with both Thunder Clash (found in France) and Skyquake (found in Spain) recently.

Transformers Generation 2 Trakkon Calcar

Like Skram, Calcar is one of the very few Transformers to be both “Generation 1” and Generation 2. Calcar was first released in Europe in a box in the “Turbomaster/Predator” branding in 1993 and then in 1994 he was re-released on card in Generation 2 branding.

I think the “G1” version is a little bit more sought after but I was happy enough to find the G2 version in sealed condition. In fact, I’d had one on my watchlist for a while and then it was apparently sold. An eBay notification came through with news of it being relisted so I snapped it up.

Calcar, in his cerise, cyan and translucent bright green colour scheme, is one of the most beautiful Decepticon vehicles I’ve ever seen.

His weapon too, as hilariously massive as it is, is one of the best action features ever: a combination of light piping and, I dunno, gears or something that work together to give the illusion of laser fire streaking towards Calcar’s target. No batteries, no LEDs, just magic.

For me, the Trakkons and Lightformers are the highlight of the 1993 range of Transformers so I’ll definitely continue to look out for the other three in sealed condition. Ironfist will be expensive though, what with his starring role in IDW’s Last Stand of the Wreckers comic book series.

I already have more Transformers toys on their way from eBay so there will definitely be another “New arrivals” post next week. Oh, and there’s that Overlord satchel to talk about too!

May your luster never dull, and your wires never cross.

–Graham (@grhmthmsn)

What have been your newest Transformers arrivals? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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